PapiThugz – Horny River

Another fresh week and welcome back to another new and fresh papithugz pair of guys getting nasty for your viewing pleasure. And in this one we get to see another pair of black studs pounding their asses hard style outdoors too. As you all know, the site here is the best place to come and check out when you want to see some hot gay studs fucking nice and passionately. In this gallery you can see these two papithugz fucking by the river side as they essentially went for a walk in the forest and they seem to have gotten horny. So let’s get right to their play session and watch them fucking one another all afternoon long here today!


It was still a pretty hot day so the creek that they got to take a rest beside would be perfect to cool off in. It also looks like they were getting excited as soon as they got naked to cool off in the water and once they got going nothing would stop them either. Just take the time to enjoy their time spent together with this scene and see them getting to fuck nice and hard. Well it’s mostly the tattooed guy that got to bend over and take it in the ass but anyway. Enjoy the view. And as you all know, there will be even more new and fresh scenes to get to see next week too. But if you want more action right now, then check out the past scenes for more too!

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PapiThugz – Double Down

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back to a brand new papithugz scene once again. We know how you all love seeing some pretty intense and sexy hunks getting nasty with each other every single week, so we bring you here today another simply stunning and hot scene featuring three more such guys getting to have some sexual fun for you all and the cameras too. It’s been a while since we had a threesome around here and we figured that it was about time to get to have another one to show off to you all today. So once we get this papithugz scene started, you can bet that you get to see a superb threesome fuck with three of our best guys around!

The living room was all theirs right from the start and they make quick work of one another’s outfits to reveal those muscled bodies to you all and the cameras first and foremost. The you can see the black stud kneel down for the other two and start to suck their dicks, and as you can see he’s quite amazing and performing a superb double blowjob for the two of them today. Let’s just enjoy the view as after that double cock sucking session, he gets to let the other two take turns to fuck him in the ass fast and hard as he moans in pleasure. Be sure to check it out and make sure to come back again soon for a special update too!


Watch here these papis blowing one another’s dick!

Phat Daddy and Angelito

Well here we are yet once more. We know just how much you enjoy seeing our papithugz studs giving into their passion and fucking hard and you can rest assured that we’ve only got the best of the best here today as well. The couple in this new and juicy gallery is formed by Phat Daddy and Angelito and you can take a wild guess as to who’s the top and the bottom in their relationship here today. Anyway, what you need to take in today is that these two guys love nothing more than to fuck one another hard style and their whole papithugz scene is here to show off just how they get around to do that. Let’s get this show rolling already!


Well once the show begins, you can see that the two were already getting busy with one another and Angelito is the one that gets to take it in the ass of course. Just in case you were wondering. Well since he gets to do that, you can see the guy getting to suck that Phat cock as much as he wants too as he needs it nicely lubed and hard for his sexy ass. Once he’s done with that, watch his cute ass getting pounded hard style by Daddy and enjoy seeing him moan in pleasure throughout. The next thing you can see is Angelito getting a nice jizz load all over his cute round ass as well. So enjoy it and see you next week again with more new content!

Take a look at this guy getting a mouthful of jizz!

Mr. Elz and Xavier

Welcome once more to a brand new and fresh papithugz update that you can sit back and enjoy the afternoon. We have quite the treat for you to see in this one as we bring you the two studs named Elz and Xavier getting to play with one another and they have quite the great time together. As you know, Xavier has been around here in the past and he’s very very happy to get to show off just how he gets to play naughty with other studs. Well every time he got to take it in the ass and he is here once again to let another of his papithugz fuck buddies to take his time and stretch out that nice and sexy ass for the whole show with this big cock!

The two get to play on the living room leather couch that was all black and it fit quite nicely with how naughty the two studs here were about to get with one another. Watch closely and see them start off with Xavier sucking Elz off with a passion as you can bet that he wanted that cock diamond hard. Once he was done with the oral play session, you can see the guy begging to be taken hard from behind, something that Elz goes right away and does. We hope that you will have some fun with the two and we can guarantee that Xavier will be seen in many more future scenes too. We’ll be back next week with more for you to check out!


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XXX Workout

Another fresh week rolled around and it seems that we have another pair of papithugz to see as they get around to play nasty on camera once again. The title says it all, as in this one you can watch the two guys getting to play naughty as they get to have a nice and long workout session. Well not as long as their fuck session, but still something to truly experience. So sit back and watch closely as you get to watch these two having their ultra special workout where they get to play with one another’s sexy asses. Well let’s see the papithugz play already as we know that you want to see their fuck fest going down today!


At first you can see them in shorts and tank tops running on the treadmill and doing some weightlifting too. It seems that that just served to make them even more horny and the two just couldn’t bear it anymore and just had to have one another right then and there. So taking off the little clothing they had, sit back and check them out as they eventually get in position and fuck each other bare back all over the place in this one. Enjoy the sight of these two papis fucking in the gym today and watch each and every single image in their gallery to see the glorious action go down. We’ll be back again next week once again with another new update for you to see!

Check out these papis nailing their asses in the gym!

PapiThugz – Buck n Nutt

Welcome to this week’s amazing new papithugz scene with some more hot hood studs that get to be kinky for you. We get to visit a quite steamy pair of guys that know what they love when they get in bed and they were gracious enough to let you all see how things go down when they get in the mood to fuck here this afternoon. With that in mind, you can prepare yourselves to see one amazingly hot and sexy scene with two more steamy and horny guys getting to show off how true passionate gay sex looks like and you should do well to pay attention if you want to see some pretty amazing and incredible papi galleries here!

Once they get started it looks like nothing’s going to stop them from getting naughty with each other either, so do make sure to sit comfy. They are already in the bedroom and in the process of getting themselves nicely undressed by one another as they kiss and caress with a passion. By the looks of it, the guy with the mohawk gets to be the one to get to have to take it in the ass from his friend but he has no complaints about that as he just loves it when it happens anyway. So yeah, enjoy the view of this gorgeous update here and we’ll be seeing you all once more soon with another new update. Bye bye for now and make sure to check out all the pictures in the gallery!


Watch here this black jock drilling a fine ass!

PapiThugz – Deep Dicc Deep

In today’s new and fresh papithugz update, there’s new content to check out and rest assured that it’s a must see as always. Mostly because you get to watch another interracial fuck with a black stud getting to use his big black cock to stretch out a nice and tight white ass once more. So yeah, pretty much like the title says, this white hunk is going to be taking that cock pretty deep inside of his cute ass today and you get to see it all and enjoy it all. Well, let’s get the papi show going already as we bet that you all want to get to check it out without delay too and watch what this pair of studs is all about here today. And we can promise that you won’t be disappointed!


By the looks of it, the two never even made it out of the living room. They were suppose to get to go to the bedroom to play, but it looks like they were just too horny and had to settle for that spot. Well it’s more because of the white guy as he just couldn’t wait any longer to have that chocolate pole reaching deep in his ass this afternoon. And you can bet that the black guy was more than happy to oblige him and give him what he wanted so desperately as well. So yeah, watch the white guy suck that black cock and then see him spreading his legs wide and moaning while he takes it missionary style in the ass this day. We’ll return shortly with another glorious scene to show off!

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PapiThugz – Latin Boyfriendz

Hey there again once more everyone. Like the title suggests, this papithugz pair is exclusively Latino focused as even the chocolate skinned dude is of Latin descent. It looks like we have two hot studs that hooked up last night and got to spend one dreamy night together fucking sensually throughout the night and then falling asleep in one another’s arms. And when they wake up is where this scene truly starts as the two seem to have more in them to have an encore in the morning as well. Let’s get ready to see this papi pair take their time to have some fun and fuck each other in the ass in the kitchen as well for this one shall we?

Well like we mentioned before, they got to have a lot of fun and they were sure as hell ready for round two of their little fuck fest. They were going to prepare dinner but seeing as they were still nude the two got excited once more and they started to kiss and caress. And as one thing led to another, well, as you can see, the black hunk ended up bent over the counter and moaning loudly in pleasure as his fuck buddy is thoroughly plowing his sexy tight ass in this new scene today. We’ll see you again soon with another new gallery, so do take your time to enjoy this one and explore it fully. Anyway, see ya later guys and have fun as always!


Watch here this guy getting his ass slammed!

Deep Side Of The Pool

Hey there guys and welcome to some more papithugz action scenes with new and horny guys getting to show off how they like to do it in the hood. It looks like you’re in for some more amazingly hot and sexy threesome action in this one as you get to see no less than three black studs getting to show off their stuff for you. And as you can clearly see in the preview and read the title, these horny and hot papi got to play in the pool for this afternoon. Either way they get to take their time to fuck kinky all over the place and you just have to see it go down here without delay. Let’s get those cameras rolling and these guys fucking shall we?


Since it was a hot summer day, the guys were more than happy and eager to get to play by the pool today and you can see them getting to splash in the water to cool down as well to start things off. And of course, once they begin to do so, they start to get horny as it seems that straight away, the trio got all naked when they began their session. Watch them getting to decide that the guy with the cap will be on the receiving end and you can see the other two take their time to bend him over and fuck him hard from behind for the rest of this amazing show today. We’ll see you once more soon enough with another new update and more hot studs fucking!

See these guys fucking in the pool!

Angel Rock and Robert Axel

Papithugz is here again and you can bet that you get to see some more amazing and hot scenes with some new hot studs getting kinky. And as you know this site is the best place to come and visit when you want to see some amazing studs getting wild with one another just for you to see here today. The guys are always eager to get down and dirty with one another and they are more than happy to put on a great show today as well. Anyway, the two superbly stunning and sexy papithugz in this scene are Angel Rock and Robert Axel and you can bet that they had plenty of time to get down and dirty with one another for the afternoon!

Axel and Angel got to have a very very good time here this afternoon and you can bet that you get to see pretty much everything that went down without any more delays here. Check them out getting right on top of the bed and once they are nice and naked, see them starting to tease each other’s amazing nude bodies. And of course, once done with that, the real fun starts with them getting to fuck each other up the ass for the better part of this show. Anyway, you guys take as much time as you want to get to see them getting nasty and have fun with the gallery. We’ll be back again soon enough with another new and fresh show for you all to see too!


Check out these papis nailing their asses!

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