PapiThugz – Dick Delicious

Another fresh week and time for another new papithugz scene here with some more amazing studs. So far you have gotten to see plenty of these guys getting kinky and we’re sure that you will have the time of your life seeing another pair getting to play with one another today. The guys here want to show off some oral action exclusively for a chance and even though it’s just cock sucking, you can bet that it still makes for an amazing and hot papi show today. So let’s no waste time as we bet that you want to see it go down as well and you can check out one guy sucking off another one to make sure that he’s all nice and hard!


And when he had that meat standing up nice and hard like a rock, you can take the time to see him work it even more with his tongue and you essentially get to watch this guy give the other stud a superbly sloppy blowjob and make him feel good until he fills his mouth with his load. That’s how this show ends here today, with the stud that got to do the sucking and putting his oral skills on display as he gets to receive a big jizz load in his mouth and all over his face. We’ll return again next week and there’s going to be new stuff in there too. Meanwhile check this one out and the past updates as well for even more juicy and hot shows!

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Phat Daddy Red Room

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back to a brand new papithugz show that you will not soon forget. So far you have seen some black studs giving some other white guys a good dicking. Well today, you can watch a brand new ebony hunk as he gets around to have some fun and show off just how he likes to take it himself for a chance. And of course a white guy with a big cock is everything that he needed to get to show that off today. Let’s not delay any longer here today and get ready to see these two papithugz having some kinky fun on camera for you and you can see that ebony ass filled with vanilla cock this afternoon here!

Well once the show gets going, you can bet that there’s no shortage of amazing stuff to see in this one and even the foreplay is just amazing to experience. Check it out and watch the ebony guy wrapping those thick juicy lips on the guy’s cock and working it up and down making sure that he is big and hard for the next part. And then you can check him out taking it from the back hard and fast as he grabs onto the pillow here today. The two guys had a good time in the satin bed for today and they are quite happy with the time that they got to spend together. We’ll be back soon with a special new action gallery that you can check out!


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PapiThugz – Big Dick’n It

You will recall these two guys as the man attraction from some scenes in the past. Well it looks like the horny pair is back in action and they are ready to play with one another once again. And yes, it’s the two guys getting to have that naughty interracial bit of fun some time ago. Anyway, watch the two guys having an encore this fine week and you can see them having another go at one another’s fine and sexy asses. We’ll be sure to bring you more of that in the future but for now, let’s just enjoy this papi scene with them and take the time to see them properly taking their time to fuck one another in the ass just for you today.


Well most of the ass fucking is done by the ebony stud. But anyway, that doesn’t mean that you get a poorly made show by any means. Oh no, the two guys here know just what you like to see and they are very very happy to get to show off just that from the very start of this amazing scene here today. Just be ready to get to see some pretty amazing and intense scenes with these two guys taking their sweet time to fuck nice and hard for this whole afternoon here. We’ll be returning soon once again with more and we are sure that you will enjoy what we have in store for you next time everyone. See you next week with new content!

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PapiThugz – Python & Trey

Another fresh week and time to see another new papithugz update. As you know we strive to bring you the best of the best every week and there’s some more intense and kinky gay shows that you simply must check out here this fine day today. the pair in this one is formed by Python and Trey and Python is the white guy. He always fantasized about getting to have some black man meat all to himself and in today’s scene he gets as much of it as he wants from his new fuck buddy named Trey. The black stud is more than happy to get to let him suck his dick in this new and fancy papithugz scene and you can bet that there’s tons of juicy stuff to see!


As we begin the little naughty show today, you can see the black stud making quick work of his clothes to whip out his man meat and then letting this guy have a field day with his cock. Python wasted little time in wrapping his lips around Trey’s cock and you just have to watch him taking the time to suck and slurp on it with a passion rarely seen before. He has the black guy moan in pleasure in no time and you can bet that the nice and sexy ass that he has is going to belong to the guy for the rest of the rest of the scene as he aims to make sure to reward him handsomely for his amazing oral skills today. So enjoy it and as always see you soon!

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Arquez and Jovonnie

We want to welcome you all back to a brand new and hot scene with some more papithugz getting wild and nasty with each other and the two guys in this show are called Arquez and Jovonnie. The two black men just came back from the club as they got super horny and they are not exactly eager to tempt fate and fuck in a public space just yet. So they went right back home and had some proper one on one action with each other, sucking some fine cock and having a blast with one another as they banged each other hard style for you to see today. Well, let’s get right into the action and see the two papithugz having their sexual fun today!

Well as we mentioned, the two guys were all ready to party and you just have to see them having a go at it as soon as the cameras begin to roll here today. They get right to the bedroom and once inside they start to have their fun with each other, getting to undress and suck each other off to make those cocks stand nicely at attention. Then the guys get around to have some proper butt fucking action and eagerly play with one another more kinky and you can see them enjoying fucking one another in the ass for the rest of this glorious scene today. We’ll be back again next week with another new gallery for you so make sure you check it out!


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PapiThugz – Big Dick In Town

In this week’s papithugz scene the title of the show could not be more accurate if we tried. The gallery here has you seeing some black guys getting to play with one another and they get to take their sweet time to get to play with each other. And much like the title says, the trio here sports some nice and thick meat poles that they are really proud of, can you can expect them of course to show off as much as they can on camera here today. So let’s not wait around wasting time and let’s get to see these papi taking their time to show off their big dicks for you and then do some nice and sexy fucking for the cameras and you as well.

Well they get started and of course, the first order of business is to get to see themselves all nude. So to do that of course, all clothes fly off and the guys reveal just how amazing their bodies look once they are all naked. There had to be one of them that took to being on the receiving end and it looks like the guy is the stud in the purple cap with the black tank top. See him bending over for one of the guys and watch him take his time to take it in the ass from behind and moan in pleasure muffled as well as he gets to suck the other guy’s thick cock off too while that’s happening. We bet that you will have fun with this and we’ll see you soon!


Enjoy watching this hunk getting his holes stuffed!

Noah Donovan and Rikk York

For today’s simply incredible and kinky papithugz show, there’s another incredibly hot and sexy interracial fuck going down and trust us when we say that you just have to see this one go down here today. The two studs that get to have some fun for you are called Noah Donovan and Rikk York, both of which are muscled hunks with dreamy bodies that know a thing or two about fucking. You get to see them put that on display as Noah gets to have his ass invaded by the black stud this fine afternoon in their papithugz scene. Well either way, let’s get the show going and see the black guy fucking this stud in the ass nice and deep today.


As their show begins, you can see that the two are all set to play in the living room and by the looks of it they didn’t even wait for the scene to start off before losing their clothes. By the time you get to see them they are on the black leather couch kissing and caressing one another and Noah getting down on his fuck buddy to suck his chocolate cock for this amazing scene. Then once he’s done with that, you can see the stud bend over and he gets to take a nice and thorough fucking all over the floor this fine afternoon here today doggie style. Take your time to see him enjoying himself today and we’ll return soon with another such amazing scene for you all to see!

Watch here this guy getting his fine ass pounded!

Filthy Sweaty Romance

Hey there once again everyone. You’ve came right in time to see another new and incredible papithugz scene with some more hot studs getting nasty. In this one we have a Latino stud playing with his black fuck buddy and as you can see, just like in last week’s scene, the two here get to have their fun in the bathroom and you get to join them along for the naughty ride. Let’s get right into the action today without delay as we bet that you are all eager to get to see this papithugz pair getting wild and naughty. Either way you can expect to see one simply incredibly juicy and hot gay fuck session this afternoon with these two right here!

Like we said, the action takes place in the bathroom and the two studs are all eager to get started on their little play session as well. Once the pair gets into the warm water in the tub you can see them getting all passionate and kinky with one another as they get more and more into playing with one another’s hot and sexy bodies today. It looks like the ebony stud is the one to take the reins and you can check him out as he gets to let the Latino dude suck his black meat to get him nice and hard. And after that as a nice reward, you can see him fucking his tight ass all afternoon long to make him moan in pleasure. Enjoy it everyone!


Take a look at this black jock getting his dick sucked!

PapiThugz – Shower Power Fuck

Hey there guys. Welcome back to a brand new and fresh papithugz scene and more guys from the hood getting down and dirty with one another for you to check out. The two guys in this new gallery get to play with one another in the shower and they would like you all to see them getting passionate under the warm water here today. Well let’s not delay any longer and get to check out this superb scene with the two guys getting to have a nice fuck with one another in this papithugz scene. We can promise you that their time spent together in this one is a show that you simply must see and we bet that you will enjoy getting to check out the action!


Pretty much right from the start of their scene, you can see the two guys getting wild with one another as they get around to turn on the water. They kiss and caress each other with a passion as each other’s hands make their way lower and lower reaching for one another’s cocks, all ready to get to get each other excited. Once they actually get to do that, you can see them getting to take the time to get even more nasty and you can see them starting to take turns to fuck one another in the ass right then and there. You can bet that there’s a lot to see in this show and there will be even more to see soon. Anyway, have fun with this one for now everyone!

Watch here these guys fucking in the shower!

Jin and Mike Mann

You are just in time to get to check out some amazing papithugz scenes here today. We’ve got a pair of studs that will surely impress you with their naughty show and we bet that you will adore checking them out in some action today. This fine black stud gets to have some fun with a nice and big vanilla tasting cock and you can see that he is quite the professional at it too. So anyway, take your seat and enjoy one amazing and hot interracial fuck scene here with two papithugz that like to do it raw. And we should mention that the name of these two is Jin for the black stud and Mike for the white. Let’s watch them fucking hard style today!

By the looks of it, these two get to have fun at the office and it seems that they make quick work of one another’s outfits as soon as the cameras get to roll. Watch the black stud whip out that nice and big cock out of Mike’s pants and watch as Jin starts to suck and slurp on it with a burning passion as well. He knows exactly how to suck and slurp on it to make sure that it gets nice and hard and once he does so, you can see him take his spot on top and ride Mike’s dick right on that office chair here today. We hope that you will enjoy the view of this gallery and we will be back in action once again soon with more amazing stuff for you to see!


Enjoy watching this guy jerking off a big dick!

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