Phat Daddy and Angelito

Well here we are yet once more. We know just how much you enjoy seeing our papithugz¬†studs giving into their passion and fucking hard and you can rest assured that we’ve only got the best of the best here today as well. The couple in this new and juicy gallery is formed by Phat Daddy and Angelito and you can take a wild guess as to who’s the top and the bottom in their relationship here today. Anyway, what you need to take in today is that these two guys love nothing more than to fuck one another hard style and their whole¬†papithugz scene is here to show off just how they get around to do that. Let’s get this show rolling already!


Well once the show begins, you can see that the two were already getting busy with one another and Angelito is the one that gets to take it in the ass of course. Just in case you were wondering. Well since he gets to do that, you can see the guy getting to suck that Phat cock as much as he wants too as he needs it nicely lubed and hard for his sexy ass. Once he’s done with that, watch his cute ass getting pounded hard style by Daddy and enjoy seeing him moan in pleasure throughout. The next thing you can see is Angelito getting a nice jizz load all over his cute round ass as well. So enjoy it and see you next week again with more new content!

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