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In this papithugz videos we welcome back our star Vice. He finally decided to return where he belongs. Didn’t you miss his incredible body and his huge cock? I sure did! So to celebrate his return he decided to make a butt abuse video with some friends.  Vice got fucked for real, his legs were in the air, bouncing on the bone, he’s back! Elz screwed the cum out of him! Check out this Papi thugz video now! Anyway, we decided to do something  bit special and that’s why we have this nice and sexy video for you guys to see today. Watch closely and let’s get this show started without further dude shall we everyone?

Once more you get to see three of the guys that we had here previously and they do take all the time that they want to have sexual fun for you guys today. Take your time to see them in action as they start off straight away with some nice and long blowjobs. They all want each other’s cocks nice and hard and they can’t wait for it any longer either. Take the time to have fun with the scene and see them also taking turns to screw each other in the butt as well. This is one amazing and hot gay video full of nice and hot scenes with them taking it in the ass and you shouldn’t miss it for the world everyone. Goodbye!


 Watch here these studs nailing their buttholes!

PapiThugz – Dick meets Ass

What goes better then a papithugz big ass, dick-slurping boy willing to have some fun? Check out this hot scene where this pretty boy, bounces on a fat cock along with his ass partner T Fox, just like in dirtytony videos.  Having his Papi Thugz debut, our boy brings a huge fat hard cock to the party and he is willing to share it! Our boys love dicks, here it’s all about choking on it, licking it and of course bouncing on it! Check it out, and do enjoy yourselves as you get to see this hot and sexy ebony hunk having his nice and big cock worshiped by these two other guys all afternoon long today just for your enjoyment.


And to be honest how could the two resist the temptation of not getting around to shove that nice and big cock in their mouths today. Just look at that nice and big and fine piece of man meat that is just waiting for some eager mouths to please it or to penetrate some nice and tight holes. Well the guys start off with a nice and sexy double blow job for the stud, and he moans in pleasure while their work his mighty cock. You cannot miss seeing him moaning as the guys lick and suck his schlong all afternoon long today and of course he rewards his buddies with a nice and huge jizz load in the end of it as well.


See these hunks sucking and fucking all over the place!

Ass on a platter

His name tells it all, papithugz Phat Daddy is well known for his incredible hot body and extremely big cock! Like the guys from straight hell videos,  he’s always took care of his body working out and it shows. Phat Daddy is already a fan favourite, but he doesn’t want to let you down. Take a look at his hardcore threesome, where all the holes are stretching to the limits and cocks are sucked! Enjoy this Papi thugz gallery today, and see one more sexy and hot group fuck going down with some sexy and hot hunks that spend the afternoon fucking just for your enjoyment as always everyone. So let’s see them in action.

PD was the one to end up on the receiving end, and his buddies couldn’t be more happier about it either. The thing is that P has this nice style of taking it nice and deep and turning the guys that fuck him on. So you can understand why they were eager to do it. Have fun and watch closely as this sexy and lovely dude gets to be fucked from behind by one dude, and see him sucking and deep throating the others nice and big black cock as well. Have fun with this sizzling hot gay fuck fest and enjoy seeing the guys as they end up blowing their loads all over one another in the end of this sexy and superb papithugz scene today everyone.


Watch here these studs nailing their asses roughly!

PapiThugz – Charger’s choice

Here you have one of papithugz boys, having the cuttest ass. He can suck dick and get roughly fucked like no one else the the business. They lucky guy had the chance to try out his fantasies on Charger all night long. After sucking his huge cock and swallowing all, these hot straight guys took it the bedroom. Charger’s tight asshole was stretched to the limits by a huge cock all night long, begging for more! Well you can certainly say that Charger has chosen his fuck buddy wisely for this afternoon and as you can see he quite enjoyed himself with the whole afternoon ass fucking that he got today.


Charger is one of those guys that just needs to take it in his ass when he feels horny, and we presented him with this stud that will be taking care of his needs for this nice and hot afternoon. Sit back and enjoy seeing him slurping and deep throating that nice and big cock, and then see him lay on his back as he takes it in his ass. And in addition to getting fucked nice and hard, you get to see this sexy hunk of as stud as he also goes for a nice self pleasing session as he gets around to stroke his nice and big cock as well until he ends up blowing his load all over himself too. Have fun with it and enjoy guys!

 See Charger getting his asshole roughly stretched!

Fucked by a Puerto Rican-Sicilian stud

Yeyo is one of Papithugz’s latest star, being half Porto Rican and half Sicilian and knowing his way in the sack. Once you seen him you got instant fantasies, hardcore fantasies of course. He likes it rough, punishing your butthole with some hardcore anal pounding, making you scream his name all night long. After he makes you suck his huge cock and then swallow all the jizz. Take a look and see this Papi thugz hot star in action, or check out homo emo porn videos and enjoy watching other hot twinks sucking and fucking each others fine asses in this nice and hot gallery update that only you get to see everyone. So let’s get started.

Yeyo and his partner for the day had lots of sexual fun and they didn’t hold back one bit. Take your time and see them in action for the whole afternoon as they get to enjoy this simply superb and hot scene while they fuck one another nice and hard just for you to enjoy. See the sexy and hot hunk Yeyo as he spreads open his long legs and takes his buddy’s cock missionary style in his fine butthole today. We know that you will enjoy it, and you just cannot miss seeing him moan in pleasure with that cock going balls deep in his ass today. Enjoy it as always and do drop by next week for some more fresh and hot papithugz scenes that we will have for you!


See this Puerto Rican-Sicilian stud nailing his partner!

Samson kiss ’n’ fuck

PapiThugz latino stud Samson can’t walk around without being noticed. He went to a party recently, exposing his luscious body, making you lick your lips when he is looking your way. So if you like hardcore gay scenes this is the right place. And if you are lucky he might even let you play with hair. This guy was his choice for the night, having the chance to play with his huge cock sucking it and afterwards taking the enormous dick in his tight asshole all night long, several times. Check out updates the see the rest of the shots in this superb and sexy gallery that we bring you this nice and fresh week everyone.


As another fresh week started we wanted to bring you a nice and sexy little compilation scene of the best of the best fuck scenes that we had and we bet that you will just adore it. So watch closely and see as the two couples of guys today have their sweet and sexual fun just for your enjoyment. Have fun seeing some nice and big cocks getting sucked and slurped on and then see as some nice and tight asses as they get fucked balls deep just for your viewing pleasure. Have fun with this scene and do come back in the future to see some more amazing and hot scenes that we will have for you guys. Bye bye for now everyone and see you next week with more amazing and hot stuff!


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Python PapiThugz

Python papithugz’s big and muscular stud is here for you guys! In case you didn’t know he has one of the thickest and biggest cocks in the business. One lucky fan had the opportunity to met him and it was all he expected and more. Papi Thugz Pyton pulled his pants and put him to suck his huge cock and forced him to swallow all the jizz. Then he took it on his tight ass and stretched it to the limits. Check out gorgeous men in hardcore gay scenes on blog. Enjoy another fresh scene with two horny hunks as they nail each other in the ass all afternoon long today just for you guys to see.

Python you have gotten around to see here in the past and you know how wild and horny this guy can get when he does it. Well lucky for him he had a partner of equal caliber today as well and the two set out to have lots of sexual fun just for your viewing pleasure today everyone. Sit back and watch as the sexy and hot Python starts to work the cock with his juicy lips and see him then spreading his sexy legs to let his fuck buddy have easy access to his nice and fine ass. And you just need to see him moaning while he gets to be fucked balls deep in his nice and tight butt. We hope you will enjoy it and we’ll see you soon!

papithugz-python-having-his-cock-sucked  papithugz-python-screwing-ass

Check out this two Latino studs nailing their buttholes!

Big dick in town

Papithugz latino stud, Kris has actually one of the biggest cocks in the business. Thick, uncut, veiny and of course hard and delicious, ready for some kristenbjorn action. If you want to get fucked by Kris, you must seriously love dicks! Here you Kris in two hardcore scenes with him roughly fucking his boy, and of course having his uncut huge cock sucked! Enjoy these Papi Thugz updates like always, and this nice afternoon see some guys with some mighty cocks as they get to fuck another Latino stud with tight holes and expert lips that was just waiting to get the chance to have some fun with cocks as big as theirs.


As this scene gets started, mister Kris and his buddy, do take the time to show off those nice and big cocks to the cameras for you to see. And you cannot miss seeing these two guys as they start to stroke those nice and thick meat shafts in all of their glory. Take the time to then see the third guy come in the picture and watch him taking one of the nice and huge cocks in the ass, while he sucks and slurps on the other to make it feel amazing too. And of course, by the end of it all you get to see him covered in a nice layer of jizz as well as the studs blew their loads on him. Enjoy it and see you guys soon!


See latino stud nailing tight assholes with his huge cock!

PapiThugz – XXXChange severe hammering

Check out the newest Papithugz galleries, including XXXChange. He is the cuttie with the most fuckable bang bang boys asses from around here, that’s for sure. And to show that he went at his friend’s house to relax a bit. XXXChange pulled Jose’s pants down, without thinking twice and started blowing his huge hard cock, afterwards Jose rewarded him with a severe ass hammering. Enjoy one more rough anal pounding as it unfolds in this superb gallery update that we bring here just for you guys to see today. This time you get to see the fine stud Change as he gets to have his butt fucked nice and deep by Jose.

And we bet that you will adore this scene when you will get to see the studs at work this whole afternoon as they take the time to fuck one another in the ass. Sit back and watch as Change gets to whip out his fuck buddy’s nice and big cock, and see him starting to work it with a passion. You can see him sucking and slurping on that cock to prepare it and lube it for his nice and tight ass that was just waiting for a a nice and deep fucking this fine afternoon today. have fun and see this stud moaning in pleasure as that nice and big hard dick fucks him from behind all day long!

Papithugz-XXXChange scene

Watch here XXXChange getting screwed by a huge cock!

PapiThugz – Angotti taking it rough

Angotti in a good looking stud from Papithugz. He’s a true cock lover, but he’s new in the game. Angotti loves jacking off big tools, but he likes more taking it in every possible position, on his back, on his stomach, up, down, in out, with his legs spread wide our boy really loves the bone. Take a look at this latino stud having his butthole roughly destroyed! Check out updates to see more of Angotti’s galleries. Well anyway, this is one true treat if you were looking to see some horny and hot Latino hunks as they take their time to fuck one another in the ass all afternoon long.

Papithugz-taking it hard in the asshole

Angotti is one horny guy, and his fuck buddy for the afternoon was more than happy to cater to his every need with his hard and big cock this fine afternoon. Take your time to see as the two guys go for it in the privacy of Angotti’s room today, and see the stud as he begins by sucking and slurping on his buddy’s cock nicely to get him hard and ready for his sexy ass. take your time to see the sexy and hot stud Angotti as he takes it nice and deep in his fine and tight ass and see him moaning in pleasure as he gets that hot butt worked nice and hard. We will be seeing you guys next week with more amazing and hot scenes!

Check out Angotti taking it rough in his asshole!

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